How Port Agents can Digitalize to Optimize Port Calls

Enqlare Port Calls is a competitive advantage for Port Agencies, providing a cloud-based service that in real-time collects and shares updates digitally. Enabling Port Agencies to enhance and consistently maintain the quality of their service delivery; sorting, prioritizing, providing reports and distributing updates.

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Product features

Port Call optimization


Collect and manage your team's data, tasks, documents and workflow all on one platform.

Vessel data & AIS

Access up-to-date vessel particulars and AIS positions to support planning work and quick document creation.


Manage PDAs & FDAs. Track invoices and payments.

Easy deployment

No IT installation. Deploy our cloud-based and secure SaaS solution in days.


Support for integration with your existing systems such asERP and accounting.

Reporting module

Generate reports and dashboards to analyze and assess changes in your business.

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Manage all port calls in one place

A cloud-based solution that allows users to track all port calls in one place.

Improved collaboration

All port call related activity in one space.

Reporting for improved insight

Flexible, customizable and downloadable

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Share digital port calls with clients

Differentiate your service with automated updates and faster laytime processing using eSOFs

40 minutes
Reduction of time spent on each laytime calculation by processing eSOFs

Managing a port call requires capturing and sharing information 24/7.

At the hub of any complex maritime operation are the Ports, with numerous actors internal and external who must coordinate their actions.From monitoring the arrival of a ship in port, to servicing it and making sure it departs on time. This is an environment fraught with complexities where historically it is a first come first served basis, a legacy of the customs and traditions of an old-fashioned industry.

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Addressing the challenges of Port Calls

For a Port Agency there are a number of challenges that they face when dealing with a port call if they rely on the traditional methods.
- That when information is made available it is not always deemed credible or reliable
- A lack of information and updates from the various port actors
- A lot of unnecessary re-typing into spreadsheets updating information manually
- Changes in status are not always communicated by all involved parties
- Information is not normally shared across all parties or gathered in one single place for ease of access
- A lack of information transparency across all parties

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Collecting and sharing data in real-time

A port call requires capturing information 24/7, collecting the data in the form of emails and PDFs from multiple sources and actors in the supply chain and making it easily accessible all in one place. To enable Port Agencies to enhance and consistently maintain the quality of their service delivery a cloud-based service that in real-time collects and shares updates digitally is a valuable service to provide.

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How to Differentiate and Grow your Business Service

From the moment an agent is nominated and the first notifications of a port call are sent, it allows all port services to exchange information instantly and electronically.The port call allows the key actors to handle efficiently and effectively a ships time in port based on receiving and distributing detailed real-time data.

With so many different actors involved, optimizing a turnaround time at the port and getting ships on their way is critical. By keeping the ships moving with less idle time it generates more visits by freeing up berths for more ships, expanding the opportunity to do business for all the players.

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Port Call Optimization from Enqlare

The Enqlare Port Calls module is a competitive advantage for Port Agencies, providing a 24/7 cloud-based service that in real-time collates and shares updates digitally.Providing Port Agents with a platform to manage the different actors involved. By being able to share and control who sees the port call data and progress in real time as an agency you are in control.

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Manage tasks

10 Ways the Enqlare Port Calls module aids optimization

  1. Make selected data visible and processable with clients and partners by giving them access to a 24/7 live feed of their port call with real-time business insights for decision making.  
  2. Collecting and managing your team's data, tasks, documents and workflow all on one platform enables you to share data to optimize assets and resources to avoid information gaps and costly mistakes.
  3. By bringing predictability to the process with a well-coordinated port call it can help synchronize actions managed by the Port Agency that increase it’s efficiency, lower operating costs and improve the way port calls are handled in the future.
  4. Ensure timely notifications and updates to all stakeholders.
  5. Enqlare software enables the creation of digital formats (for example digital SOFs) that stakeholders can edit and capture information from, avoiding a lot of unnecessary manual re-typing into spreadsheets and laytime calculations.
  6. By having all the information in one place it reduces the risks of missing a task and makes it easier to meet deadlines and maintain priorities.
  7. It is a competitive advantage for an agency to be able to enhance the value they add to the port operation by differentiating themselves through the services they provide.
  8. Learning through the data patterns of historical port call activities can help enhance how business decisions are made, along with better coordination and collaboration of parties.
  9. Sharing shipping documents in a traditional PDF format can limit data capture and create unnecessary re-processing for stakeholders.
  10. Users can share an online link for example that takes clients and suppliers directly to view port call activity and a digital Statement of Fact (SOF), with everybody on the same page there are less chances to miss important information and it is easy to use for laytime calculations. 

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