Enrich your data and sharpen business decisions using the cloud.

December 3, 2021

Enrich your data and sharpen business decisions using the cloud.

Integrate your CRM with other tools

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How to connect your integrations to your CRM platform?

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Techbit is the next-gen CRM platform designed for modern sales teams

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Why using the right CRM can make your team close more sales?

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What other features would you like to see in our product?

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Data is providing the fuel to power better decisions for the bulk freight industry.

Organizations today accumulate enormous amounts of complex information from a variety of data sources, both internal and external. 

Successful companies rely on the data generated by this information to make informed business decisions that lead to lower operating costs, enable them to be more resilient in tough economic times and facilitate faster decision making.

The growing availability and access to data has created an unprecedented opportunity for businesses to radically improve their business performance, to stay ahead of customer expectations and their competitors. 

The sheer amount of data created today makes it difficult for organizations to decide how to leverage sometimes what they have. In fact, in the next three years, there will be more data created than in the past 30 years combined according to research from IDC's Global DataSphere Forecast 2020. 
Those companies that do manage to leverage the power of data are better equipped to anticipate customer needs, spot trends and identify new revenue streams by rapidly bringing new products to market and adapting their approach. 

However, the process of unlocking data-driven insights can be a challenge for organizations of any size. Data is one of the most valuable assets an organization has, created, compiled, collected, stored and combined with everything from day-to-day operations to regulatory compliance and customer data.

Making better decisions means unifying data in a secure and well-governed way, enabling the retrieval and sharing of data and the value that it adds. 

However, with the emergence of stricter regulations regarding consumer privacy and data rights, companies have to be more diligent about how they manage their data.

According to McKinsey research a high-performing organization is three times more likely than others to say their data and analytics initiatives have contributed at least 20 percent to their EBIT.

Data strategy 

Cloud-computing adoption has been increasing rapidly, with cloud-specific spending expected to grow at more than six times the rate of what it has been for general IT spending
Cloud services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud appeal to many organizations because they can lead to much lower IT costs, faster time-to-market and better service quality compared with traditional IT offerings.

A common obstacle for most businesses is that their data lives in silos. And in order to make decisions more effectively, an organization needs to be able to securely access, combine, and analyze all types of data no matter where it originates from in a single location.

Any disconnected data across departments and functions can hinder an organization from seeing the big picture and from making effective business decisions. 

Data and the cloud 

The best decisions are the product of data captured from a range of sources. By eliminating data silos and unifying your data in a centralized repository you’re able to store all types of data to any scale in the cloud.

The benefits of connected data can enable a business to be faster to market, simplify innovation, and reduce risk. Cloud platforms can help support analytics that would be difficult to execute with traditional technology platforms.

Centralized data improves decision-making because it is more accessible, providing those involved the ability to perform analytics and transform data insights under data governance. 

Cost, speed, and performance are top-of-mind concerns when it comes to converting data to actionable insights, your analytics need to be optimized to deliver the best performance, scale, and cost for your needs. 

The cloud will allow people across an organization to understand the data and make more informed decisions, a cloud platform contains capabilities to integrate data from multiple sources, data management, data security and can leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

What is Data Governance?

In a world of expanding data security, privacy, and compliance regulations, organizations needs a secure data pipeline that enables them to retrieve and share data, all the while protecting and monitoring its security.

Data governance refers to the policies, processes and people involved in managing and protecting data. Data governance is a key enabler, maximizing reliability and minimizing vulnerabilities within an organization using data.

Data enrichment

Your data is one of the most important assets in an organization. So, those that use the data should be able to trust their organizations’ data and confidently use it to make business decisions. 

Enriching data allows a user to generate more meaning than raw data alone might otherwise provide. This is done by merging and adding either first-party or third-party data to a dataset you’re already working with.

An organization can add value to the data by enrichment with behavioral, demographic and geographic information. Data enrichment improves data accuracy, aids in customer targeting and improve your customers’ experience.

Unlock the value of your data.

Enqlare has the expertise to help customers unlock the value in their data. Our cloud-based SaaS solutions are quick to implement, from planning to Laytime to post-fixture, enabling effective collaboration, workflows and insight from data.

Enqlare can dramatically improve performance through automation designed to help you scale profitably, unlock process improvements, and consistently save time and money. We can help your team to create more accurate laytime calculations and speed up the work, avoiding any costly mistakes.

Managing a port call requires collecting information from multiple sources, and to distribute it to ensure all parties are up to date for a smooth operation. Enqlare Port Calls allows all stakeholders to have the latest information and make the right decisions.

Would you like us to walk you through a 1:1 demo of theEnqlare software? Contact us directly for a meeting.

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