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What is Enqlare software?

Enqlare is the cutting edge way to manage bulk freight workflows. For companies who are looking to organize their bulk freight business, Enqlare offers a modular solution that provides automation, clarity and data insight.


Who is Enqlare for?

Enqlare can be used by sellers and buyers of commodities, traders, ship agents, owners/operators, ship brokers and maritime service providers. Our clients range from local companies with small volumes to global companies with high volumes.


How secure is Enqlare?

Our system is developed to the highest coding standards and software architecture. We use best practices with our software development framework and lifecycle. Our code base undergoes both functional and security reviews on a regular basis to ensure high standards of quality are maintained.

The application security model prevents any customer from accessing another customer’s data. This security model is reapplied with every request and enforced for the entire durationof a user session.

Enqlare services are hosted in industry-leading data centers in Germany. All the data centers possess third-party certifications and/or third-party assurance reports like ISO/IEC27001:2013, SOC 2, and PCI-DSS.


What does Enqlare cost, and what does it include?

Enqlare is a modular solution, meaning you pay only for the softwares you use (SaaS). Configuration, support, updates and backups are generally included in the price. Our software module for Ship agents (“Enqlare - Port calls”) is free for Ship agents users. Contact to discuss your needs.


How do I install Enqlare?

There is no installation required to use Enqlare software. Our software is built on a modern cloud platform (SaaS), meaning users can access the system using their web browser. For a user adding functionalities, modules and extra users can be done in minutes.


Can Enqlare be used on web browsers?

Enqlare is built with modern cloud technology and can be accessed using any web browser. We recommend Chrome, Edge, Firefox or Safari.


What training do you offer?

A range of free on-line training resources are available for our software. We also offer 1:1 training sessions using Teams or Zoom if that is easier.


Can Enqlare be integrated with other systems we use?

Yes. Enqlare has an API which can be used to create or read status of Port calls, Shipments and Laytimes.


Can Enqlare be customized?

Enqlare “comes out of the box” in a standard configuration and because of the way we code the software it means it is flexible enough to be customized for each client’s individual needs. Contact to discuss your needs or to book a call.


I forgot my password what do I do?

There is a password reset link on your customer login page. Use this to have a password reset link sent to your email address. This will ask you to create a new password for your account.


How do I log in?

When you become a customer of Enqlare, your username will be created and you will receive a password reset email. This allows you to set the password. Thereafter you log in using your email address and the password you created.


How can I add a missing port?

Our port register includes more than 20,000 ports but we occasionally miss one. If you are missing a port, you can email a request to We normally respond withing 15 minutes within office hours.


What if I leave the company?

When you leave the company your account should be disabled. Your Admin(s) can disable user accounts. A user account is never deleted since it may be linked to Shipments, Laytimes, and Port calls.


What is Enqlare - Laytime?

Our “Enqlare - Laytime” module includes a powerful laytime calculator that can quickly create laytime statements, helping you avoid costly input errors and mistakes. Users can collaborate with colleagues and organize the company wide laytime work. Extensive reporting is available for deep insights into port activities and laytime results.


What is Enqlare - Port calls?

“Enqlare - Port calls” is a free software module we provide  for Ship agents to log port call activity and create Statement of Facts. The activity and documents can be shared on-platform with stakeholders and clients.

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