Supercharge your laytime work

Enqlare's software improves the laytime processes for all stakeholders, boosting efficiency and reducing costs.

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Manage all laytimes in one place

A cloud-based solution that allows users to track and compute all laytime calculations in one place.

Unlock the value of your laytime data

Create insights to be reused across your organization.

Greater accuracy and processing speed

Use smart automations to avoid manual input errors.

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Use eSOF for faster laytime processing

Simplify your laytime calculations and gain insights with Enqlare's eSOF.

40 minutes
Up to 40 minutes reduction of time spent on each laytime calculation.
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Product features

Powerful features to help you manage your laytimes

Powerful laytime calculator

Apply clauses to quickly create laytimes and avoid input errors and mistakes.


Access a digital SOF for fast,  seamless laytime processing.

Reporting module

Generate reports and dashboards to analyze and assess changes in your business.

Easy deployment

No IT installation. Deploy our cloud-based and secure SaaS solution in days.


Support for integration with your existing systems such asERP and accounting.

BIMCO Holiday calendar

Integrate with BIMCO's Holiday calendar functionality.

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Trusted by leading companies around the world

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Empowering features for effortless laytime management

Streamline calculations with eSOF

Enqlare's eSOF feature streamlines your laytime calculations by allowing you to quickly search and select how events should be handled, reducing the risk of errors and increasing efficiency.

Simplify your laytime calculations and gain insights with Enqlare's eSOF.

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Simplify your laytime work with eSOF

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Prevent mistakes

Enqlare's powerful laytime calculator allows for easy selection and application of clauses and terms, resulting in quick and accurate turnaround for laytime calculations.

With Enqlare, manual data input is automated, speeding up the production of precise laytime calculations and reducing the risk of making costly errors. This frees up time to focus on other revenue-generating tasks.

Gain insights for better results

Keep all your historic laytime data in one place and be ready for your next calculation with direct access to accumulated knowledge and analysis.

Our platform makes it easy to process and analyze your data, giving you the insights you need to make data-driven decisions and improve performance.

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Track negotiated savings

Enqlare's in-app tools and reports help you track and share the cost savings generated from your laytime work, giving your business a better understanding of its success. Celebrate these achievements with confidence, knowing the value that your team brings to the bottom line.

Get paid faster

Use Enqlare's advanced tools and reports to streamline your demurrage claim settlement process, ensuring faster payments and improved cash flow.

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BIMCO Holiday Calendar

We have partnered with BIMCO to make their Holiday calendar available with an integration which means you can look up which particular BIMCO Holidays are listed for the port you are working on. This feature is free to current BIMCO members.

Use eSOF for fast and accurate laytime processing