All your shipments and data in one space

Shipments is a Chartering Management System supporting collaboration, automation and  insight. Operators quickly log and view voyage updates in one space. Managers get control and a clear overview. Traders get insights from updated port activity and schedules. IT gets integrations and security. Customers get accurate information.

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Product features

Powerful features to help you manage all your shipments


Monitor and manage all shipments from planning to fixed booking in one space.

Vessel data & AIS

Access up-to-date vessel particulars and AIS positions to support planning work and quick document creation.

Port Call and Laytime connected

Automatic update of port calls using port agent connections. Supports quick and accurate laytime processing.

Easy deployment

No IT installation. Deploy our cloud-based and secure SaaS solution in days.


Support for integration with your existing systems such asERP and accounting.

Reporting module

Generate reports and dashboards to analyze and assess changes in your business.

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Manage all shipments in one place

A cloud-based solution that allows users to track all shipments in one place.

Improved collaboration

Keep track of all pre and post fixture shipments

Reporting for improved insight

Flexible, customizable and downloadable

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Connect with port agents on platform

Automated updates and faster laytime processing using eSOFs

40 minutes
Reduction of time spent on each laytime calculation by up to

Advanced features for streamlined chartering management


Simplify shipping operations with a centralized platform. Manage all shipments from planning to fixed bookings, with dedicated COA support. Streamline logistics effortlessly.

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Vessel Data and Position

Access up-to-date vessel particulars and AIS positions to support planning work and quick document creation.

Port Calls connections

Automated port call updates and processable data for streamlined operations. Connect with your port agents’ managed Port Calls.

Get improved port call visibility, insight, and processable data.

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Gain insights for better results

Keep all your historic shipments data in one place and be ready for your next voyage with direct access to accumulated knowledge and analysis.

Our platform makes it easy to process and analyze your data, giving you the insights you need to make data-driven decisions and improve performance.

Tasks management

Assign, check, and overview tasks with ease. Streamline workflows, avoid missing details, and distribute work effectively using our intuitive task lists.

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Start using the Chartering Management System of the future, today.