Enqlare Port Calls software empowers Port Agencies to streamline their service offering.

January 31, 2022

Enqlare Port Calls software empowers Port Agencies to streamline their service offering.

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Introduction to Port Calls

In today’s connected world there is greater and greater pressure to cooperate seamlessly within and across markets. The maritime sector as an industry has lagged in its adoption of digital technologies but is now beginning to gain some traction.

Ports are the hub of a complex maritime operation with numerous actors internal and external who must coordinate their actions. From monitoring the arrival of a ship in port, to servicing it and making sure it departs on time. This is an environment fraught with complexities where historically it is a first come first served basis, a legacy of the customs and traditions of an old-fashioned industry. 

For shippers and receivers, their focus in port is to expedite the turnaround process to be able to keep their cargoes moving and yield the highest utilization possible of their assets.

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Port operations 

Loading and unloading a bulk carrier is a time-consuming process, full of complexity that requires a detailed plan before operations can even begin. 

Once the cargo is discharged, the crew begins to clean the holds to get ready to start the process of loading the new cargo and continuing on in the transport supply chain.

What is a Port Call? 

From the moment an agent is nominated and the first notifications of a port call are sent, it allows all port services to exchange information instantly and electronically.

A port call covers the time from when the ship arrives at the port, its stay at the port and subsequent departure, as well as any of the planning between the ship and the port for its visit. 

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For example, planning a port call relies upon insights on the status of actors who will deliver a service, the status of the ship at the prior port of call and the movement of other ships at the port. 

The port call allows the key actors to handle efficiently and effectively a ships time in port based on receiving and distributing detailed real-time data. Actors comprise of the port itself, vessels, shipowners, suppliers, maritime pilots and the Port Agency.  

A port call provides them all with a common understanding of where they sit in the transportation chain and the impact that their activities may have on others in the chain it they fall out of alignment. With so many different actors involved, optimizing a turnaround time at the port and getting ships on their way is critical. By keeping the ships moving with less idle time it generates more visits by freeing up berths for more ships, expanding the opportunity to do business for all the players. 

A port call requires capturing information 24/7, collecting the data in the form of emails and PDFs from multiple sources and actors in the supply chain and making it accessible all in one place. 

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What is a Port Agency?

A Port Agency or shipping agent is the designated person or agency held responsible for handling shipments and cargo, and the general interests of its clients on behalf of ship owners, managers, and charterers during the time at the port.

For a Port Agency there are a number of challenges that they face when dealing with a port call:

  • Changes in status are not communicated by all involved parties
  • A lack of information and updates from the various port actors
  • That what information is made available is not deemed credible or reliable
  • Information may not be shared across all parties or gathered in one single place for ease of access
  • A lack of information transparency
  • A lot of unnecessary re-typing into spreadsheets updating information manually

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Port Call optimization from Enqlare

The Enqlare Port Calls module is a competitive advantage for Port Agencies, providing a 24/7 cloud-based service that in real-time collates and shares updates digitally. Helping to manage the different actors involved, enabling them to optimize their service delivery. 

For a Port Agency in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace our Port Calls module helps to enhance the quality of their service delivery; sorting, prioritizing, providing reports and distributing updates to the various actors. 

By being able to share and control who sees the port call data and progress in real time as an agency you are in control.

Enqlare Port Calls module

Users can share an online link for example that takes clients and suppliers directly to view port call activity and a digital Statement of Fact (SOF), with everybody on the same page there are less chances to miss important information and it is easy to use for laytime calculations. 

Plus, by bringing predictability to the process with a well-coordinated port call it can help synchronize actions managed by the Port Agency that increase it’s efficiency.  It is a competitive advantage for an agency to be able to enhance the value they add to the port operation by differentiating themselves through the services they provide.

And by having all the information in one place it reduces the risks of missing a task and makes it easier to meet deadlines and maintain priorities.

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Managing port call tasks on an easy-to use platform

Learning through the data patterns of historical port call activities can help enhance how business decisions are made, along with better coordination and collaboration of parties.A cloud-based solution, Enqlare’s Port Calls module allows a Port Agency to manage port call activity all in one place.

Using pre-built template for port calls generating a complete activity view with powerful analytics, digital SOF, stakeholder sharing and integration features that reduce time consuming tasks. Port call data can be shared with clients and partners to provide a 24/7 live feed of port call activities with real-time business insights for decision making. 

Enqlare cloud-based software for the maritime industry

At Enqlare our goal is to help your business improve performance through automation designed to help you scale profitably, unlock process improvements, and consistently save time and money. 

Enqlare Laytime and Port Calls software

We can help your team to create more accurate laytime calculations and speed up the work, avoiding any costly mistakes. Managing a port call requires collecting information from multiple sources, and to distribute it to ensure all parties are up to date for a smooth operation. 

Enqlare Port Calls allows all stakeholders to have the latest information and make the right decisions:

Integration ready - A seamless integration with existing in-house software.

Fast and flexible Interface - Enqlare software comes already set up with fast and powerful reporting and filters.

Security - A modern and secure platform, where all data is encrypted and access to is governed by strict security protocols.

If you have more questions, contact us at info@enqlare.com or visit our FAQ page to answer your questions.

Download your: Enqlare Port Calls summary sheet.

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