The Enqlare Laytime Calculator Software.

February 28, 2022

The Enqlare Laytime Calculator Software.

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Spreadsheets v. Laytime Software

Spreadsheets can be useful for organizing and inputting your data for laytime calculations. However, this becomes an arduous task when you have to continually update and input your data entries manually. 

In a spreadsheet your team typically will need to enter, re-enter, validate, and correct data manually. This requires a lot of time and can be a recipe for disaster if data is missed, formulas broken or you have a need for speed. 


Working within cells in a spreadsheet means that if you have an error, finding the right cell and manually correcting it can be time consuming. Plus, formatting issues can lead to problems if the information is transposed incorrectly, leading to errors in the calculation. 


The time spent manually updating and monitoring spreadsheets can leave inconsistencies. Missing a correction or not updating a particular formula could leave the data flawed. 


Also, spreadsheets are notoriously unsecure. Anyone who gets access to the spreadsheet, has complete access to your business information - so safeguards need to put in place to prevent a data breach.


One of the core objectives behind the Enqlare Laytime software is to spend less time entering and managing the data and gain more value from using them in your business decisions. 


​​Laytime and laytime calculation 

Laytime is the amount of time allowed in a voyage charter for the operation of loading and unloading the cargo. 

The laytime calculation is carried out to determine whether on completion of the loading and/or unloading operation if there any time was lost or saved during this period - and if so, why?

The Statement of Facts (SOF) provides key information required for a laytime calculation determining if or how much demurrage is to be paid. 

Below are the typical stages that need to be followed for a laytime calculation:

1. Understand and review relevant clauses in the charter party with reference to laytime

2. Obtain the SOF from the vessel’s agent

3. Determine the duration of laytime allowed from the contract clauses

4. Ascertain time of commencement of laytime

5. Record and review the interruptions to laytime as per the charter party

6. Ascertain time of expiry of laytime

7. Calculate demurrage payable

What is the Statement of Facts (SOF)?

The SOF provides the opportunity for notes and comments to be entered that can be used or referred to in the laytime calculation or used if there is a dispute taken to arbitration. 

By providing the various parties with updates via the SOF before an operation is completed, it gives everybody a chance to review and question the details to avoid costly disputes.

At the end of the stay in port, the port agent will draw up the SOF, setting out a log of all the events during a ship's stay in port signed by the master and the shipper or receiver of the cargo.

The Enqlare Laytime Calculator

As you switch to the Enqlare platform you can accummulate your knowledge in the system - learning things from different ports with regards rain, shifting times, barge delays etc. making you better prepared for the next calculation for a particular port or ship, based on access to better data and insights. 

  • Operators quickly create laytimes and avoid costly mistakes 
  • Managers get control and a clear overview
  • Traders get insights from port activity and results 
  • IT gets integrations and security
  • Customers get a clear presentation of claims

To learn more about the Enqlare cloud-based Laytime solution and the potential benefits that it can bring your business you can download our Enqlare Laytime presentation:

A laytime product that reduces mistakes and creates insights:

  • All laytimes organized online per shipment and status
  • Quickly create laytime calculations and avoid mistakes
  • Work on-platform with your colleagues or partners
  • Powerful reporting and filters
  • Secure platform and enables integrations

Use it either as an integrated function (with our Shipments software ) or as a standalone module.

Download your Laytime specifications summary.

 Work faster in the cloud

  • 50% quicker processing of laytimes 
  • Manage a global and distributed team with ease
  • Collaborate with colleagues
  • Improve your trading
  • View PnL per shipment & total
  • Capture insights from all your port stays

Fast laytime calculator

You can keep track of all laytime calculations and negotiations in one space (organized by voyage). Along with a workflow to keep track of which laytimes are still negotiated and which are settled and paid (or received). All of this is provided to give you a comprehensive overview.  

  • Use digital SOFs to avoid retyping and mistakes
  • Generate results in a PDF formatCustomize with your own logo

Book an Enqlare Laytime demo.


Create templates

  • Apply to recurring trades and clients
  • Help your team consistently get calculations right
  • Reduce risk of typos 
  • Apply clauses to template to make calculator quickly create laytimes

Reporting and data analytics

As you switch to a digital platform you will be able to collate all your historic data from different ports and the experiences. Making sure that for your next calculation for a particular port or ship, it can be based on your own valuable data.

Easily check company-wide laytime status remotely and use the module to answer questions such as:

  • How much did vessels’ waiting time cost?
  • How much did we negotiate First claims vs Agreed amounts?
  • Are we really back-to-back?
  • What is our expected exposure to a partner?
  • Which partners often take a long time to agree? 
  • What was the cost of not having cargo availlable for load?

Read more about using your data.


The Enqlare platform can be used out of the box with a minimum of setup and onboarding. 

Use a system developed to the highest coding standards and software architecture. Enqlare's code base undergoes both functional and security reviews on a regular basis to ensure high standards of quality. 

  • Integrate with your exisitng ERP business systems via our API
  • Our products and services are designed to provide a safe and trustworthy place for your data
  • Decide roles and anage data access for teams and users
  • A modern secure platform technology hosted on AWS
  • All data is encrypted and access to is governed by strict security protocols
  • Easy, no-hassle deployment, cloud-based and secure SaaS solution

Book an Enqlare Laytime demo.

We can help your team to create more accurate laytime calculations and speed up the work, avoiding any costly mistakes. 

If you have more questions, contact us at or visit our FAQ page to answer your questions.

Read more about Laytime and Demurrage.

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