BIMCO Holidays and using Enqlare Laytime for Calculations

April 7, 2022

BIMCO Holidays and using Enqlare Laytime for Calculations

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BIMCO Holiday and Enqlare Laytime

We have partnered with BIMCO to make their Holiday calendar available for users of the Enqlare laytime software. We have set up an integration which means you can look up which particular BIMCO Holidays are listed for the port you are working on.

BIMCO is one of the largest international shipping associations representing approximately 60 percent of the world's merchant shipping tonnage and has members in more than 130 countries, including managers, brokers and agents.

You can also select particular holidays to be automatically handled as excluded periods and set the time to exclude before and after, applied to a specific date. This feature is free for current BIMCO members, otherwise it comes as an extra fee for non-members 

Example below of how the holiday days can be selected:

BIMCO Holidays and Enqlare Laytime
BIMCO Holidays and Enqlare Laytime calculator

Download your Enqlare Laytime summary sheet.

Laytime Calculations

As a definition laytime is a set time given by the Shipowner to the Charterer in order to load and unload cargoes from the vessel, without incurring the additional demurrage costs. 

The date and time of when laytime commences is determined by a "NOR" (Notice of Readiness), which the master or agent of the ship must give to the port when the ship has arrived at the port of loading or discharge. 

At the end of the stay in port, the port agent draws up a Statement of Facts, setting out a log of events during the ship's stay in port. The SOF enables a time sheet to be drawn up and signed by the master and the shipper or receiver of the cargo. The time sheet enables laytime and therefore demurrage to be calculated.

Read more here about Statement of Facts.

Laytime calculations are time-consuming and a small mistake could potentially end up incurring heavy costs. And what is often the case in these types of negotiations is not the calculation of the actual days but the agreement to when the laytime should start calculating. 

Difference between interruptions and exceptions to laytime.

When you are considering the ramifications of an impact to laytime, an interruption covers a period when time does not count because it is outside the bounds of what was defined as laytime, expressed in the laytime clause. Whilst with an exception to laytime, it refers to a period that is within the definition of laytime, but is excluded by an exceptions’ clause.

The main difference between the two is that with an “exception” to laytime it is necessary to show a causal connection between what the exception is and not being able to work on the cargo. 

Whereas with an “interruption” all that needs be shown for causation is that the excluded situation or conditions exist at the location where the cargo would have been worked on. 

As an example there are a number of different interruptions to laytime, the most common are Weather Working Days, Sunday and Holidays.

Read more about the Laytime Plans & Pricing.

Typically Sunday wouldn’t be a problem to define and interpret, but the word “holiday” can in some cases be harder to define. Whether a day is a holiday or not is a question of fact which will be decided by looking at regulations, practice, and custom for a particular port. 

A holiday can be decided by a local authority and may apply to just the one port and its local area regardless as to whether work is in fact done on that day.

So, having the BIMCO integration in our Laytime software means it is far easier to be able to identify and apply Holidays as an interruption to working the cargoes. 

Read more about The Enqlare Laytime Calculator Software.

How do I create a laytime calculation? 

Below are the typical stages that need to be followed for a laytime calculation:

1. Understand and review relevant clauses in the charter party with reference to laytime

2. Obtain the SOF from the vessel’s agent

3. Determine the duration of laytime allowed from the contract clauses

4. Ascertain time of commencement of laytime

5. Record and review the interruptions to laytime as per the charter party

6. Ascertain time of expiry of laytime

7. Calculate demurrage payable

Read more about Laytime and Demurrage.

The following video shows you how the Enqlare Laytime module is easy to set-up for a laytime calculation, play video.

There is also the ability to apply clauses to quickly create laytimes and avoid input errors and mistakes that are often the result of using spreadsheets that require the manual input of data multiple times. With the Enqlare Laytime module you can you keep track of all laytime calculations and negotiations in one space organized by voyage, with workflows to keep track of which laytimes are still negotiated and which are settled and paid (or received).

Some of the features of the Enqlare Laytime module:

  • Use digital SOFs to avoid retyping and mistakes
  • Create and customize a template with your own logo
  • Help your team consistently get calculations right
  • Reduce the risk of typos avoiding the manual entry of data 
  • Apply clauses to templates to calculate laytimes quicker and more accurately


The Enqlare platform can be used out of the box with no IT setup and rapid onboarding. 

  • Integrate with your exisitng ERP business systems via our API
  • Our products and services are designed to provide a safe and trustworthy place for your data
  • Decide roles and anage data access for teams and users
  • A modern secure platform technology hosted on AWS
  • All data is encrypted and access to is governed by strict security protocols
  • Easy, no-hassle deployment, cloud-based and secure SaaS solution

To learn more about the Enqlare cloud-based Laytime solution and the potential benefits that it can bring your business you can download our Enqlare Laytime presentation:

Download your Enqlare Laytime presentation.

Overview of all our Enqlare products:

If you have more questions, contact us at or visit our FAQ page to answer your questions.

Request a demo of the Enqlare Laytime module.

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