Increase Port Agent's Customer Face Time by 25-35%

This will lead to the possibility of:

  • Handling more customers with the same staff
  • Increasing sales to existing customers
  • Improving customer loyalty

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Empowering features for effortless laytime management

Streamline laytime calculations with eSOF

Enqlare's eSOF streamlines your laytime calculations by allowing you to quickly search and select how events should be handled, reducing the risk of errors and freeing up time.

Simplify your laytime calculations and take better decisions with Enqlare's eSOF data insights.

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Automate laytime calculations with eSOF

Automation speeds up laytime processing, it means less time for key resources to be tied up retyping and transcribing work, avoiding manual input errors, improving accuracy, and more time to manage other high-risk priorities.

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Increase port agent's customer face time

Increasing agents' customer face time will have an impact on customer satisfaction and increase sales.

A Modern Port Agency Operations System will significantly impact operational efficiency and enable more agent face time. It also drives sales growth when agents can spend more time taking on new customers and focus on upselling and cross-selling.

Effectiveness  will be achieved via:
  • All port call-related activity is in one place
  • Quick document creation. Create smart shipping documents (eSOF)
  • Automatic invoice reading and handover to accounting
  • Efficient reporting & analytics
Find out your potential to improve

Simplify your Port Agency operations today

When you streamline and simplify port call operations, you will significantly impact customer satisfaction, the ability to increase sales and employee satisfaction. This will be achieved by implementing a modern Port Call Operations System.

The key to simplifying port call operations is implementing a solution leading to:
  • All port call-related activity in one place
  • Quick document creation. Create smart shipping documents (eSOF)
  • Automatic invoice reading and handover to accounting
  • Easy reporting & analytics
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Find out your potential to improve operational efficiency and increase sales

In a meeting with us, we will review the key areas that are most critical for you to improve operational efficiency, simplify port call operations, and increase sales.

During a meeting, we are looking into:

  • How operational efficiency can improve sales for Port Agents?
  • Areas where you have the most significant potential to increase operational efficiency
  • A short demonstration of a modern Port Agency Operations System

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Laytime software to quickly create laytimes, avoid expensive mistakes, and get a global overview and insight into your laytimes.


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Port agency software to streamline processes and help you provide a consistent and differentiated service.



Chartering Management System to collaborate with supply chain partners, and log voyage updates in one place.