April 6, 2020
Gustaf Dyrssen

Modern Collaboration, what's that?

Modern Collaboration,  what's that?

Collaboration is a very techy word that is being used sometimes for working together on a platform. In its real sense, it has a deep and profound impact on your efficiency and precision so that you can focus on other things rather than updating spreadsheets and legacy systems. It means that in a modern system, you get a notification of a change, and this gets reflected in the position reports.

In the picture above, this can be that your broker or agent is updating the ETA for a vessel.Because your load or discharge port/berth is usually very occupied, you can early on visually see if the new ETA gives you problems with other of your vessels (on water or planed).

The above scenario you have to compare with today when:
1. you get a mail with the ETA.

2. you send on the information to colleagues, the port and finance etc.

3. you update your spreadsheets or legacy system…. One place or several?

4. you scramble to make a view that shows you statuses with filters and sorting.

5. you create a visual report.

Another good example can be that your agent or broker gives you a SOF (Statement Of Facts) from an app we provided them with. It usually will take you quite some effort to put in all the details but now its there already. You click over to the chartering view where a copy of the C/P is placed and look at your laytime clause. You click back to the laytime calculator and puts in the starting time and the rules for calculating. The app then suggests a laytime calculation that you are free to elaborate on or accept as it is with a demurrage/dispatch invoice gets created for you.

Sometimes the SOF is unclear, and you need to do several versions of the laytime calculation, No worries, you can do them all in different versions and save them under the same shipment. We even have a little workflow to keep track of which laytimes you negotiated and which are outstanding. All there to give you a comprehensive overview.

Our platform reaches from Cargo / CoA planing, Chartering to Post-fixture with an online laytime calculator.

In all the different phases, we can show you functions where platform collaboration will give you efficiencies and control. Your expertise is what controls the shipment, and we want to help you to become even more efficient regardless of if you are in the office, working remotely or out at lunch with only your mobile phone at hand.

How do you want to work in the future?

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