We are glad to announce an online laytime calculator addition to our platform. Use it either as an integrated function (with our chartering and post fixture modules) or as a standalone module. We are offering industry users a free trial period to overcome the present challenging situation where many people work from home or in remote locations.

You can you keep track of all laytime calculations and negotiations in one space (organized by voyage. We even have a workflow to keep track of which Laytimes are still negotiated and which are settled and paid (or received). All there to give you a comprehensive overview.  

As you switch to a modern platform you will also learn things from different ports as stats comes out with rain, shifting times, barge delays etc making your next calculation for that port or ship, based on better data.

The Enqlare platform covers, in one workflow; cargo / CoA planning, chartering and post fixture and can be used out of the box with a minimum of setup and learning.